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Our Clients Say:

“Brian Pan was absolutely quick with his responses. Had came over and fixed my issue quick and efficiently. The other HVAC companies I contracted wasn’t able to figure out the issue but Brian was able to distinguish the problem immediately and give me an amazing quote for the work”
Sunny Lee
“Extremely nice and professional so thankful for his help. I had no clue what was going on lol we went over the price and estimated time. Highly recommend"
Cedelson Rene
“Very responsive, knowledgeable and reasonable"
Mike Emerson
“Pan HVAC/r has been servicing my kitchen for years. Great response time, great service, happy to do service with them”
John Garcia
“Knowledgeable, friendly, explains everything, gets the job done, fair pricing”
Robert S.
“Brian is a true professional he has a truck equipped with extra parts in my case we needed an motor bracket for the new fan motor he had on on the tuck so that he could keep going and complete the job. He is a great person did a great job”
Robert K

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